Penco Continuous Slope Hood Kit


  • IN STOCK – can ship in 7 to 10 days
  • Kit – included with each hood are two universal hood supports and one hood splice
  • Overview – Continuous slope hoods convert flat top lockers to slope top. They can be used on new lockers or on a retrofit basis. All hoods are furnished in 72” lengths and must be cut to length during installation. Intermediate splices, ends and rear supports (2 per hood) complete the installation, and must be ordered separately.
  • Specifications – Lockers shall be provided with continuous slope hoods formed from 18 gauge sheet steel with a slope that has a rise equal to 1/3 of the locker depth (18-1/2o ), plus a 1″ vertical rise at the front. Tops shall be provided in lengths as long as practical. Provide slip joints without visible fasteners at splice locations. Necessary end closures shall be provided. Tops shall be finished to match lockers.
  • Slope Hood promote a clean appearance and prevent accumulation of debris on locker tops.
  • Designed to fit on flat top lockers and can be installed on new or to retrofit existing lockers.
  • Furnished in 72″ lengths and may need to be cut to fit at time of installation (actual length is 72-3/16″)
  • Must be field cut to size
  • Slope Hood Ends may be required to complete the installation and must be ordered separately (LH and RH)
  • Stock colors in gray or champagne.  Other colors available upon request
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Gray, Champagne


72L x 12Dp, 72L x 15Dp, 72L x 18Dp


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