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Welded Gen2 lockers offer superior resistance to hard use and abuse. All
body parts are welded into a single rigid unit to resist damage for the life
of the product. The door frame and locker side are 16 gauge. The backs,
tops and bottoms of each group of lockers are made from single pieces of
steel that span multiple lockers. The doors are made from 14 gauge steel
and include a continuous hinge. Sides, tops, bottoms and shelves are 16
gauge steel. Backs are 18 gauge.
Since Welded Gen2 lockers are shipped pre-assembled, the time and
expense of on-site installation is greatly reduced. This is a great help
where labor is either extremely expensive, or hard to find. Groupings
will be determined by Penco based upon the floor plan layout drawings
submitted with the order. Maximum group width is usually 54″ for
lockers with a depth up to 18″. For lockers over the depth of 18″ the
groups shall not exceed 48″ in total width. If site conditions restrict
maximum group width, please advise.
Welded Gen2 lockers are available as standard in ventilated models
with diamond-shaped perforations in the doors and sides for maximum
visibility and ventilation, or with solid door and side construction, with
or without door louvers. The perforated models are ideal for heavy duty
athletic use, where ventilation is important to aid the drying of athletic
Standard construction is flat top without legs. Lockers can be ordered
with 4” high, 16 gauge Channel Base as an option.

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