Restroom Vanities


  • Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol) solid plastic vanity units combine durability with long-lasting good looks. Our custom designed units are manufactured to exacting specifications, including special consideration for handicapped accessibility.
  • The typical unit consists of front and side skirts, backsplash, sidesplash and tops to complete one of the neatest appearances of any unit in the industry.
  • Like all of Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol) solid plastic products, the vanity unit will not absorb moisture, mildew or odors. This eliminates the problem of rust or delamination which attacks other types of material.
  • Our vanity is more than a pretty piece of functional material. It’s tough, too. That’s why we guarantee it for 15 years against breakage, corrosion or delamination.
  • Please fill out Request A Quote for a prompt quotation to your project specifications.
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