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Frequently Asked Questions About Restroom Partitions and Restroom Supplies

Robinson Steel Company provides answers to some of your basic questions about our restroom partitions and restroom supplies. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

Can I place orders for restroom partitions on-line?
No, due to the nature of each restrooms specific needs and dimensions, we prefer that you use the request a quote form. In order to fill your request more efficiently please feel free to fax or email your restroom dimensions and requirements.

Can I install the partitions myself, and how much experience is required for installing toilet partitions?
Yes, however experienced carpentry skills are required, a novice should not attempt to install toilet partitions. With each order factory installation instructions are provided. You can download the installation instructions prior to purchase.

How do my partitions come shipped?
Material ships via common carrier. Toilet partitions will be on pallets and a loading dock will be required for off loading.

Can I place an order for ADA compliant toilet partitions?
Yes, our engineers stand ready to assist in layout design to meet code or special requirements.

What is the return policy for restroom partitions and restroom supplies?
All restroom partitions are fabricated to your requirements, so they non-returnable.