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Frequently Asked Questions About Locker Products

Robinson Steel Company provides answers to some of your basic questions about lockers and locker supplies below. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

How much experience is needed to assemble a locker shipped from your online store?
Remember, all lockers ordered on-line ship assembled.  However, some accessories may need to be attached, like front/end bases and number plates. We also reccomend that groupings going side by side should be fastened together in a couple of locations along the door frames. It is imperative, for safety reasons, to anchor all lockers to the wall.
What is the difference between one wide and three wide packaged lockers?
Lockers purchased on line come pre-assembled in either one wide or three wide units.  For example, when ordering four lockers, you will need to purchase a group of three wide lockers and one at one wide.

Where can I get details about Vanguard locker specifications?

Visit our locker specifications page to learn more about Vanguard lockers.
Do you have typical assembly instructions to view prior to purchasing?

Yes, you can download the assembly instructions that show how a locker is assembled.

What are the advantages of slope top locker construction?

Slope tops are often used instead of flat tops to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris, and to discourage the use of locker tops as storage areas.
For more information check out our slope top locker construction information page.

How are the lockers shipped?

The pre-assembled lockers are placed on a skid, shrink wrapped and banded. They ship via common carrier selected by RSC.  It is the trucker's responsibility bring it to the tail of the truck.  You are responsible to take it off the truck and into your building.

What if I want a different style, make, size or color locker than what is shown?

The lockers shown on our website are the only lockers that we stock.  We sell all different brands, styles, and colors.  For pricing or information, either contact us or go to the request a quote