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Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Products

Robinson Steel Company provides answers to some of your basic questions about our storage products, shelving and storage supplies. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

How much experience is needed to assemble a shelving unit from your online store?
No experience needed – the Clipper Shelving units are easy to assemble. Tools required are slotted screw driver and 7/16" and 1/2" socket wrenches to tighten bolts and nuts. Please see our assembly instructions.

How do I order the Clipper Shelving Units?
The Clipper Shelving units are shipped KD with all required components, shelf clips, hardware and assembly instructions.

To order standard shelving units 87” high:

  1. Determine the shelving type desired (open, closed or ledge).
  2. Determine shelf width and depth.
  3. Order as many basic units as required to form a continuous row of shelving.
  4. Order one ending kit to end each row.
  5. Select the appropriate accessories for your application.

How do I assemble my shelves?
Please see our assembly instructions.

Do the Clipper Shelving units “grow” when assembled?
Yes, please allow approximately 3/8 inch per unit. Please see attached diagram for layout specification on shelving growth.

Where can I get details about Clipper Shelving Unit specifications?